How to enter the official Binance exchange

To log in to the Binance exchange, you must use the email and password provided during registration. Since the service provides financial services, multi-factor authentication is used for enhanced protection of user data. To enter your personal account, you will need both an email, a password, and a phone number. You can login in the following order:

  • Click the “Login” button located in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Choose an authorization method and enter your email or phone number and password.
  • Pass the robot test by moving the missing puzzle piece to an empty spot in the picture.
  • Send a verification code to your phone and enter it.
  • Phone login is similar, but double verification is required. In addition to the confirmation code sent to your phone, you must enter the code from the email. After that, the login to the Binance website will be completed.

Binance personal account

Interaction with the exchange is carried out through the Binance personal account, the entrance to which is opened by the icon in the upper right corner. It contains the following sections:

  • Toolbar. It contains general information about the profile and tools for managing your account. The account status and estimated value of assets, data on the last devices and addresses from which the entry was made, open orders, commission level and other useful information are displayed.
  • Safety. This section configures account protection. You can set a security key, link Google Authenticator, change your phone, email and password, manage devices and other operations. If you change the authorization data, some account operations (mainly withdrawals) are frozen for a day for security reasons.
  • Verification. It contains information about user verification and current transaction limits.
  • Referral program. The menu displays the user’s status in the referral program, statistics of invitations, information about the cashback and the percentage of the commission received by the user.
  • Awards Center. The section shows the rewards and bonuses received by the client from the exchange. There is also a menu for entering a voucher code designed to receive some kind of gift or privilege.
  • Job Center. In this menu, you can see the received service tasks, for which the user is entitled to a reward.
  • API management. Here you can create your own APIs to access the markets and other Binance information in real time through third-party websites and mobile applications.
  • The services of the Binance exchange that are not included in the “Personal Account” are available on the main page of the portal. There you can go to buy cryptocurrencies for fiat money, view the markets and current quotes, open the trading menu and access other services provided by Binance.

How to buy cryptocurrency on the Binance exchange

The Binance exchange supports hundreds of cryptocurrency assets, the list of which is updated periodically. To deposit virtual funds into the account, fiat money is used: dollars, euros, hryvnias, rubles, etc. You can buy cryptocurrency with several payment methods:

  • replenishment from a bank card;
  • bank transfer SWIFT;
  • through third party payment services;
  • for P2P – in a way determined by the counterparty;
  • from fiat balance (no fees).

In order to buy Bitcoin on Binance or purchase another digital asset, you must proceed in the following order:

  • Find the “Buy Cryptocurrency” button at the top of the site and hover over it to open a pop-up menu.
  • In the pop-up menu in the corner, select the currency that will be used for calculations.
  • Select a calculation method.
  • Enter the amount in fiat currency for which the cryptocurrency will be purchased.
  • Select the cryptocurrency you want to buy from the list. Its amount will be converted automatically.
  • Enable the “recurring purchase” option if you want to make the payment recurring, or deactivate it if the transaction is one-time.
  • Add a bank card, indicating its details (number, expiration date, CVV code).
  • Click “Continue” after linking the card and proceed to payment.
  • Confirm the payment (an additional confirmation in the bank application may be required) and wait for the cryptocurrency to be credited to the account.
  • In addition to buying cryptocurrency from the exchange itself, you can purchase it from other users using the P2P scheme. To do this, you must follow the above scheme. Having reached point 3, select the payment method “P2P trading”, and then:

Select “Buy” in the tab above the list of available offers.
Specify the digital currency of interest to the left of the transaction type.
In the list below, indicate the currency in which the calculation will be carried out.

Click “Buy” opposite the offer and in the pop-up window and indicate the amount for which the transaction will be completed.
Confirm the transaction by clicking “Buy” and follow the further instructions.
Make a settlement with the seller, wait for confirmation of receipt of the transfer and receive the purchased cryptocurrency on the balance of the Binance exchange.
If there is no option of interest in the list of offers, you can create an ad yourself. Placement of orders with a fixed and floating rate is available, the choice of up to three payment methods is supported simultaneously. You can specify the total amount of the fund, the limit for one order, and other parameters. For beginners, this tool may seem complicated, but it is useful for advanced traders as it expands the possibilities.